Neon Souls

Neon Souls, is an independent game developer. Focused on creating beautiful, atmospheric games for wide audiences, Neon Souls were in search for a brand that represented their creative studio.


The brief asked for a unique brand that encompassed all their underlying qualities in game making. A mark that could be used on its own and bring something new to the gaming industries. The logo needed to be flexible in its usage, to be applied to both complex imagery and plain surfaces. It was also important that the logo could be used on large scale and small scale media.


Through experimental workshops and exercises, it became apparent that the foundations of Neon Souls’ brand relied on selective imagery and a bespoke logo mark, integrating both a uniquely designed logotype and an illustrated creature, to bring to life the story behind Neon Souls.


Neon Souls


Branding, Print, Web

Neon Souls Imagery
Neon Souls Tablet Loading Screen
Neon Souls Business Cards
Neon Souls Poster
Neon Souls T-Shirt
Neon Souls Merchandise
Neon Souls Logo Dragonfly Design
Neon Souls Initial Sketches