Paper City

Paper City is a cute paper set of 24 cards with pre-cut and pre fold lines, ready to be folded and stuck together to build your own city. Perfect for hiding little treats inside each house, the set includes three small cars too. The set is numbered 1-24 and is brightly coloured, designed with these cool geometric patterns. I love that although this set is marketed as a Christmas set, do-it-yourself advent calendar, there’s nothing ‘Christmassy’ about it. Meaning you can leave it out all year round. Although the concept looks like it should be targeted at children, the style is clearly aimed to attract adults. Perhaps its something of a joint effort? It obviously speaks to the small child and keen designer inside of me!

I stumbled across Mr Printables, a website and shop with some wonderful paper things to make and/or buy via Pinterest but you can check it out here at: and