JB's Delibean

JB’s Delibean

JB’s Delibean is a new coffee and sandwich shop located in Brighton. What they needed in line with the launch of their new cafe, was a striking, bold identity to match their personalities. Both food lovers, the cafe owner duo wanted an identity that drew people in and acted as a framework for the brilliant food they had to offer.


The final identity includes both a vibrant colour palette and a fun pattern used across a wide range of cafe materials to create a sense of familiarity and cohesiveness in the customers of JB’s Delibean.


JB’s Delibean


Branding, Print

JB's Delibean Full Set
JB's Delibean Logo and Pattern Red
JB's Delibean Logo and Pattern White
JB's Delibean Take Away Packaging Design
JB's Delibean A board design
JB's Delibean Menu
JB's Delibean Apron Design
JB's Delibean Loyalty Card Design