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O’Donnell Moonshine Gift Packaging and Brand Positioning

A company inspired by rich American history and passionate about good quality liqueur – O’Donnell Moonshine is the new kid on the block, based in Shorditch, East London. Built and ran by a trio of childhood best friends, O’Donnell’s success in bringing back the taste of prohibition continues to grow day by day. Although well-established in Germany; Hugo, Alex and George recognised the need for O’Donnell UK to have it’s own brand that was tailor-made for the UK marketplace.


As moonshine originated from the prohibition era of USA, the aim was to create a more evocative messaging that captured both the essence of the period and communicated the spirit of the company. This was achieved through designing a brand style guide that would become the backbone of the company going forward and brand new gift packaging for their four key flavours.


O’Donnell Moonshine Ltd


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O'Donnell Moonshine Gift Packaging 4 Flavours
O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging Group Shot
O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging Bottom
Discover Your Rebel Spirit

Alongside the creative, working with the client through their brand positioning and messaging, it became apparent that O’Donnell Moonshine was missing a crucial element which would lift the brand and help bring it to life.


Through a series of explorations, we arrived at the bold strapline ‘Discover Your Rebel Spirit’, inspired by the once illicit times, the direct phrase simultaneously acts as a call to action, reinforces the provenance of the product and defines O’Donnell’s purpose through storytelling.

The developed brand has been well received not only in the UK, but also by the German market, with the decision to roll the brand out across O’Donnell’s other products in the coming months.

O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Bitter Rose Close
O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging High Proof
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O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging Style Guide
O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging Lid Detail
O'Donnell Moonshine Limited Packaging Full Range