London Coffee Guide

London Coffee Guide

A fun and warm coffee guide mapping out London’s favourite coffee shops around creative hub, Islington. This fold-out pocket guide was designed as part of a welcome pack for new client Unilever. The pack specifically targets their love for coffee and their expertise in oral health (who doesn’t need some toothpaste following a quick coffee break to freshen up?).


The guide features, on one side, an easy-to-use map of the top 15 local coffee shops and top eight London attractions. The reverse contains a few coffee facts and myths, coffee-related jokes and further information about London’s top locations to visit. In addition to the guide, a complimentary pack of cards for more in-depth profiles on the above mentioned independent coffee locales.


Designed to be fun and easy to use, the guide completes the pack, welcoming clients to London.


DewGibbons + Partners



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London Coffee Guide
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